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Our Range of matting solutions include:

FootSure Anti-Slip Deck Matting:

Incorporating square shaped diamonds throughout this anti-slip matting is ideal for: Decks Cabin areas Cockpit areas Sundecks Roofing and surfaces requiring an anti-slip surface when wet or dry. Key features: • Hardwearing, easy to clean. • Good resistance to weathering. • Suitable for use indoor or outdoor. • Diamonds can be lined up in any direction making fitting easy.

Honeycomb Matting:

Containing  drainage holes this non- slip matting is ideal for: Lobster boats Boat matting Muddy fields (it allows the grass to grow and can be mown over) and areas requiring a temporary surface. Key features: • Hard-wearing. • Good resistance to weathering. • Suitable for use indoor or outdoor. • Instant drainage.


We are an approved distributor of the Lok™ range of interlocking matting. These mats are ideal for small (1m) and large areas (500m+) with a variety of styles for different needs. The range includes:  
EasiLok™ CheckerLok™ PennyLok™ VersaLok™
• PennyLok™ • VersaLok™
• GrassLok™

Electrical Matting:

Conforms to BS EN 61111:2009 Class ‘0’ - 1kv (red) Class ‘1’ - 7.5kv (white) Class ‘2’ - 17kv (yellow) Class ‘3’ - 26.5kv (green) Class ‘4’ - 36kv (orange)

Fine Ribbed/Broad Ribbed:

We can supply Fine ribbed or broad ribbed matting in various thickness’s to accommodate your needs.

Equestrian Matting:

We are able to provide matting for the Equestrian Industry including: Stable Matting Grip topped matting for horse boxes The Lok™ Range of matting
• EasiLok™
• CheckerLok™